1. It looks like these guys have BinStored, have you?

    And yes we will accept storage from Bears and Moons of all species, sedimentary rocks, creeds, and culture #BinStoredShake 

  3. MRW my friends are all scrambling for an off campus storage unit and I’ve already BinStored #ShouldveBinStored 

  4. MRW I found out that BinStored will pick up and drop off my storage directly to my dorm room 

  5. Finals: There are 4 questions, please respond to 3 in the blue book

    *first question*… “nope”

    *second question*… “nope” 

    *third question*… “I think we’re done here” 

  6. Finals period is stressful for everybody… If you’re the 20th person to ask your only friend with a car to drive your stuff to your storage facility this will be their reaction. Don’t be that person… just use BinStored! 

  7. MRW I found out that BinStored will offers door to door service for just $25

  8. John Wall found a new variation of the #BinStoredShake 

  9. When you feel like this after your last final you’re going to feel like this…. and the last thing you’ll want to do, is figure out how to get all of your stuff to an off campus storage facility.

  10. Don’t roll your stuff over to a self-storage unit, we’ll pick up your belongings right from your dorm room!